2 Square

bloodless pale creature passing tumbling, leaning towards construction of cold steel

monstrous translucent spermy rubber heads salivating on sterile salvers for operation, decapitated served for supper

tongue in cheek, a fist in your face and down your throat or up your ...

dismembered arms tear face in two. dimension's orientation lost - intervention inappropriate interference, inadequate reaction

inside out and upside down, boy, you turn me - take your skin off and open up your heart. show me your intestines bursting from your belly like latest fashion jewellery glamorous entertainment

animalistic carnivores & canny iron whores, keep laughing. fading shapes of given bodily beauty taken by time reach out into the void and grab whatever they can.

dig deeply at the bottom of thy soul to find Eve's rotten apple still guarded by the snake.

a family of sculpted members thrown arbitrarily in a dim space. as any family, a tiny nucleus or the entire family of man, incoherent as can be. united animosities.

fragile plaster cast papa lifting belly, compared with ma's old sponge / clumsy dangler's dangling dagger versus pudding crotch, still horny.

her ugly- & his dullness give you the awkward honor of their pleasant presence

staring in the air
or at each other
whilst waiting for something
playing silly games to waste their time
competitive comparisons
who's better off? who isn't or worse?

mad successors of the Eastern Romans sculpted artisans just to expel those into exile who would refuse their contributution to the leader's giant palace.

A. Bardel

2 Square